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Reinstatement Works

In Singapore, the reinstatement of a property is commonly mandated by owners. Tenants are often required to restore the property to its original state upon the expiration of its lease.

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Demolition Works

Many companies are engaging demolition contractors to explore the option of repurposing the existing space for a better use.

Drywall Partition

Installing drywall partitions in an office is an effective way to break down open areas into smaller rooms.

Hacking Contractor

Hacking services are required to restore the office or warehouse space to its original condition or to revamp its look.

Office Reinstatement

Most commercial spaces in Singapore require the tenant to reinstate the office space to its original condition.

Reinstatement Contractor

A reinstatement contractor is required when your lease expires and when you’re planning to shift premises.

Shop Reinstatement

Before the handover of a shop space to the landlord, tenants are often required to reinstate it to its original state.

Scope of Reinstatement Work

Different establishments will have different design requirements and premises will undergo varying degrees of renovation in order to meet the needs of each business. As such, there is no standard reinstatement process and the typical scope of work may include; removing custom furniture or floor finishes, dismantling equipment, repainting of walls to the original colour and demolishing concrete walls and features.

Cost of Reinstatement Work

Due to the differing amount of renovation work done, there is no fixed reinstatement price. The cost is largely dependent on the following:

If your property is located in a prime location, it is likely that the cost of reinstatement will be higher.

The larger the size of the unit, the higher the cost.

The more extensive the renovation conducted, the higher the cost of reinstatement.

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