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Demolition involves the tearing down of any existing structures or any part of a property. Due to its proximity to human traffic or residential areas, such projects are usually controlled; noise and vibration levels are closely monitored, and the number of work hours are usually restricted.

Whether it is an industrial, commercial, or residential demolition project, Omni Contractors is the solution for all your demolition needs! We ensure the punctual completion of your project despite the many limitations.

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Demolition Process

While there is no standard process, a demolition project typically undergoes the following:


  • Obtaining a commencement permit from the Building and Construction Authority
  • Planning of the demolition
  • Removal of loose items such as window panels
  • Erection of external scaffolding to cover up the building

Execution of demolition

  • Removal of debris

  • Breaking down of columns


  • Recycling of clean concrete
  • Disposal of waste
  • Levelling of ground

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Cost of Demolition

The cost of a demolition project can vary significantly based on multiple factors:

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Demolition Works

Many companies are engaging demolition contractors to explore the option of repurposing the existing space for a better use.

Drywall Partition

Installing drywall partitions in an office is an effective way to break down open areas into smaller rooms.

Hacking Contractor

Hacking services are required to restore the office or warehouse space to its original condition or to revamp its look.

Office Reinstatement

Most commercial spaces in Singapore require the tenant to reinstate the office space to its original condition.

Reinstatement Contractor

A reinstatement contractor is required when your lease expires and when you’re planning to shift premises.

Shop Reinstatement

Before the handover of a shop space to the landlord, tenants are often required to reinstate it to its original state.

Quality Guarantee

ISO 9001 Quality Management System: This standard specifies requirements for a quality management system, for any firms that need to demonstrate its ability to consistently provide a product that meets customer and applicable regulatory requirements and aims to enhance customer satisfaction.

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