Shop Reinstatement

Before the handover of a shop space to the landlord, tenants are often required to reinstate it to its original state. These retail spaces are commonly located near areas with high human traffic, thus limiting the number of work hours.

This poses a challenge to tenants, especially since the reinstatement needs to be completed quickly. As such, the restoration of your property requires the services of a professional reinstatement contractor.

With our expertise and wealth of industry knowledge, you can count on our team to provide you with a handover that is punctual and hassle-free.


Looking for a dependable contractor to handle the reinstatement of your shop? Look no further. With Omni Contractors, you will be able to enjoy a stress-free reinstatement process.

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Scope of Shop Reinstatement

The reinstatement of your property consists of several tasks and duties such as:

  • Dismantling of roller shutter

  • Erection of hoarding at the shop front

  • Demolition of permanent fixtures

  • Disposal of unwanted equipment


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Cost of Shop Reinstatement

No two shops are the same. As a result, the cost of reinstatement will inevitably vary from one property to another.

When determining the cost, several factors come into play. These factors include:


Unsure of your reinstatement needs and worried about the costs? Fret not! Contact us for more information and receive a personalised quotation.

Demolition Works

Many companies are engaging demolition contractors to explore the option of repurposing the existing space for a better use.


Drywall Partition

Installing drywall partitions in an office is an effective way to break down open areas into smaller rooms.


Hacking Contractor

Hacking services are required to restore the office or warehouse space to its original condition or to revamp its look.


Office Reinstatement

Most commercial spaces in Singapore require the tenant to reinstate the office space to its original condition.


Reinstatement Contractor

A reinstatement contractor is required when your lease expires and when you’re planning to shift premises.



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